The Dirty Details of Blood Cleanup In Kansas City

The Dirty Details of Blood Cleanup


Everyone who has watched television crime shows have come to learn that if you want to get rid of blood stains or a significant amount of blood, you could use bleach and a lot of it! Bleach gets rid of every drop of blood on non-porous surfaces like a Jacuzzi or a bathtub.

But this isn’t the only thing that is required to be done when trying to clean up blood after a major accident or death has taken place. It isn’t just the blood you should be concerned about, the entire area where the tragic accident happened has to be decontaminated. And that is the one critical thing that is always left behind when people attempt to get rid of the blood on their own.



There is a huge chance for the infection of people that attempt to clean blood, and that is the reason clean up crews always make certain to wear protective gear. They bring along with them to the scene various tools to aid them to accomplish their cleaning mission. They might have an ozone machine to eliminate the bad odor in the air that was caused by the blood.


And this is entirely necessary if the corpse have been on the spot and decomposing for an extended period. They as well utilize hospital grade disinfectants like hydrogen peroxide and bleach. The chemicals they have to use for example the deodorizers, should all be of industrial strength. They also require things to dissolve the blood like an enzyme solvent and some specialized cleaning systems such as the heavy duty sprays, wet vacuums, and scrubbing brush. New sharp razor blades are utilized in the cutting of the carpets. Shovels are used to scoop large amounts of coagulated blood. The steam injection machine is utilized for the clean up of the brain matter. There are tanks (chemically treated) to disinfect and hold up the matter that is cleaned up. For stuff that cannot be adequately cleaned up, they need some up to the task tools to detach the affected area like saws, sledgehammers, paint brushes, ladders and other construction type drives.



The type of death will determine the amount of blood deposited that requires cleaning. Once again, television distorts the public point of view of what an actual crime scene is like. A slit of the wrist or a gunshot to the head causes the largest amount of blood.




While a bullet to the chest will deposit a just a little amount of blood, and those that are in charge of the cleaning will or should make sure they touch every nook and cranny where the blood was deposited.

In a very violent crime scene, there is bound to be a significant amount of blood that must have splashed across the entire area. The cleaners need to look for every single area where the blood must have touched and clean. This includes the washing of the walls and removal of carpets; places always overlooked are the on top and sides of the picture frames, behind the floor boards, in lighting fixtures, and on appliances.


Cleaning up a crime or suicide scene where there happen to be blood and be an overall overwhelming endeavor. The basic movements of biohazardous materials of blood, bone fragments, brain matter, etc. need specific permits. The greater trained an individual, the better the chances are of having all the biohazardous substances eradicated from the area where the dead body was discovered. So, while the CSI shows some of what it requires to clean up blood properly, it ignores the details as it might not make an excellent television show.

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