Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Services In Kansas City


Suicide Cleanup


According to an article in The Kansas City Star dated from 2015, the mortality rate from suicides was higher than violent crimes, and D.W.I. Incidents combined. This trend seems most prevalent in teens, and war veterans attempting to cope with returning home from a combat theater only to find the transition difficult, and/or the Veteran's Administration offers few solutions for their medical needs, rendering a sense of hopelessness for their situation. In the unfortunate event someone has taken that path, their friends, family, and loved ones shouldn't be the ones to remove the rest of the remains after their body has been removed. Both for psychological reasons, and for safety reasons, let us take care of it rather than compounding an already traumatic experience.


Hoarder Cleanup


A home that has been cluttered to the point that it is unsafe is a daunting task to clean. Add pets into the mix, and there's a recipe for disaster. Not only are there the risks of falling objects resulting in blunt force trauma injuries, cuts, or broken bones, but also the risk of contaminants from bodily fluids and fecal matter from pets that have either been ignored, or completely inaccessible to clean due to the clutter. Harmful molds and fungi are another common threat in these situations as well. It's not just about taking out the trash at this point. It is now a very serious health and safety risk to any who enter the area, and should be handled by professionals.


Unattended Death Cleanup


If someone passes away, and the body remains undiscovered for too long, the body will begin to break down from the inside-out. As you might imagine, this creates a particularly foul odor as the bacteria in the digestive tract begin to feed upon the tissues in the body until the organic walls that once contained the bacteria fail, and the fluids escape the body, seeping into everything nearby. Carpet, bedding, furniture, wood, and other porous materials will absorb those fluids, thus destroying them, and making them unsafe to be handled and disposed of without proper equipment and safety measures. We have the ability to remediate the affected area so nothing of the fluids remains, and we also have the ability to remove the strong odor using specialized equipment.