Crime Scene Cleanup In Kansas City

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Here in Kansas City, we have a serious issue with crime. Our crime index is 4, which means only 4 percent of the cities in the country have a higher crime rate than Kansas City. If a violent crime has been committed on your property, home or business, what is left behind can be just as deadly as the original cause of the incident. Leave it to professionals to ensure the safety of your environment. With our skills, we can provide the peace of mind that you and anyone who enters the area will not be in danger of deadly pathogens that may have been left at the scene.

Why You Should Use Our Services

Our team has been trained, and are experienced to handle, eliminate, and properly dispose of hazardous materials like chemicals such as tear gas, or chemicals found in illegal methamphetamine labs, and hazardous organics such as tissues, bone, fluids, urine, and fecal matter. It takes certain skill sets and equipment to identify, contain, evacuate, eliminate, transport, and dispose of hazardous materials. There are laws, regulations, and ordinances that must be observed and followed as well which will otherwise result in penalties, and/or fines. Having to deal with the circumstances revolving around a crime is stressful enough without wondering if you are safe from a contagion, or whether you are following the laws while disposing of contaminants. We are fully capable of handling it all safely, and legally.

If you are experiencing a wild animal infestation, this is nothing to take lightly, or underestimate either. Wild animals often are carriers of diseases and pathogens that are transmissible to humans. Urine and feces from animals such as rats, bats, raccoons, etc. is highly dangerous, and should be treated the same as any other biological contaminant, and the affected areas need to be rendered safe, and contaminated items disposed of with regard to the same safety rules and regulations.